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Hydrovest 2.0 - Now available!

Hydrovest 2.0 - Now available!

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What's new

  • All new -premium- materials, from the clips to the fabrics
  • Strengthened areas based on customer feedback makes this the most robust and durable version yet
  • New one-size-fits design that fits firmly around the body, ensuring all movement comes from the water while the vest stays in place
  • Comfortable even in prolonged intensive use, thanks to the added layers of cushion in key pressure areas
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Our revolutionary Hydrovest returns. The 2.0 version features vast improvements in fit, quality and design.

The vest is now made by a renowned heavy-duty backpack manufacturer, boosting durability and comfort. 

This new adjustable fastening mechanism guarantees a snug fit, regardless of body composition. This translates to a feeling of security in training and ensures all the instability comes exclusively from the displacement of the water. 

Add unpredictable instability to any skill or movement pattern and watch your coordination skyrocket. Only limited stock will be available so place your pre-order to be sure that you will get yours.

Comes with
- Hydrovest
- Tidal Tank hydro bag (20x70cm)
- Airpump
- Workout poster

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Terrence Staples
Great service

I love the flexibility of this product!

Great tool for sports performance

One-of-a-kind tool!
My athletes love it for individual training both in the gym and on the court. I use it extensively in the last phase of rehab before the player returns to full training with the team. I've had no problems using it with athletes of all different sizes, they think it's comfortable and fits well. Seems durable too

Game changer

I had the old vest and I'm really pleased to see that the new hydrovest is made from a higher quality material. It is sturdy, robust and has survived all of my training so far. It's a hit with all of my clients, they love to see the movement of the water as they train.