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Aquaballs™ are ideal to use as kettlebells, medicine balls or atlas stones and will give your training an extra dimension. Discover the ultimate form of instability during your dynamic workout at home or outside!

The Aquaball™ is a unique piece of fitness equipment that can be used during workouts at home or outside. Working out with the Aquaball™ will push you to your limits, because no two repetition are ever the same. The unstable water mass that flows through the Aquaball™ helps you gain stability, strength and core power. Our Ultimateinstability products are extremely suitable for (home) workouts, because they can be used for many training purposes and exercises. This makes the Aquaball™ the perfect improvement of every workout.    

The inflatable Aquaballs™ are filled with water and air, and have a durable filling system with which you can easily add or release water. Less water means a lighter, but less stable product suitable for a stability workout at home or outside. More water yields a heavier, more stable product perfect for strength training. From medicine ball to kettlebell exercises, it’s all possible with the Aquaball™. An empty Aquaball is light and small, and therefore the perfect piece of training equipment to use during traveling, bootcamps, and workouts from home.

The Aquaball™ comes in 3 different sizes, so there’s always a size that fits your needs. On sizes S and M two grips are attached, which allow for a wide variety of exercises. Aquaballs™ are the perfect training equipment made out of high-quality material which, on top of home workouts, also makes them suitable for outdoor use. Due to the usage of comfortable materials, the Aquaballs™ can be handled roughly without bruising.  

What makes the Ultimatinstability Aquaball unique;

Working out from home has become increasingly popular. A home gym often requires much expensive fitness equipment, because different exercises require different pieces of equipment. This is not the case for the Aquaball™ however, because it is suitable for a myriad of different strength and stability exercises! Our products therefore replace several traditional pieces of fitness equipment and make dreams of owning a home gym come true. In addition, the Aquaball is also the perfect all-in-one training equipment for therapy sessions and other trainings.

Deflated Aquaballs™ weigh less than 1KG and have the size of folded jeans. Wherever you go, nothing can stop you from bringing your Aquaball™ and working out, whether it’s in your home gym, during your travels, or outside. There are no more excuses, unless you are in the middle of a desert.

Aquaballs™ are made from the same material as inflatable boats and are used by elite rugby players. In other words: they can withstand a beat or two. Because of their soft feeling, it is also a pleasure to get in touch with the material during your workouts at home or anywhere else.


Ultimateinstability wants to set an example within the world of sports, therapy and vitality. With our vision and business operations we do not just want to ship plastic around the world, but be responsible about it. We go to great lengths to minimalize and compensate our impact.



No matter your entry level, our Ultimateinstability app has got you covered. From pre-built stand-alone training programs with the Aquabags™, Aquaballs™ and our Hydrovest, to building your own home workouts using any of the 2000+ 3D animated exercises. The exercises are not limited to just our products, but are also suitable for those of other brands. The recipe for success is yours to take, everywhere you go. Get 3 months of free access to the Ultimateinstability app if you purchase an Aquabag™, Aquaball™ or Hydrovest!

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