At Ultimateinstability we strive for meaningful business; to reduce the impact we humans have on nature our environment and ourselves.

Sustainability goals.

Our goal is to improve the dynamic stability globally and that is only possible when we look at the stability and vitality of our planet and ourselves. David Suzuki described it perfectly; we can’t be healthy without a healthy planet. Therefor we as a company take our responsibility to create a CO2-neutral footprint by following a circular business model.


Be ready for the unexpected impact.

Lead by example.

We want to set an example within the world of sports, therapy and vitality, that with our vision and business operations we not just send plastic around the world, but we do this in a responsible manner going to great lengths to minimalise and where needed compensate our impact.

“Be ready for the unexpected impact.”

This is our motto and we are going to push ourselves by setting a goal to become climate neutral and to have implemented the circular business model in our business operations. This will be monitored by an independent party.