About us

Chapter One —

The question why.


“Why do we train so predictable: with fixed exercises, repetitions and weights striving for the perfect movement, while our daily lives are filled with the unexpected and unpredictable?”

We believe in motion improvement through the use of dynamic training. To move efficiently the body needs stability in specific moments. So by preparing the body for constant changes – coming from either our environment or complex tasks outside our comfort zone – we enhance our motor system and increase effective movement.

Our vision and stability training methodology called Ultimateinstability® ensures that the variables – of interaction between people, their tasks and the environment – are trained and improved upon and all this can be enhanced through our products. Thus ensuring you become more versatile and robust.

Chapter Two —

Providing the answer.


The question that we started off with was the exact question that intrigued Paul Venner as a young athlete and student when he looked around in the sport, therapy and fitness branch. It is not the strongest one or smartest that survives but the one that adapts in order to survive the evolutionary battle; like Charles Darwin concluded.

Now, if change and adaptation are the most important factors then why don’t we implement that into our training? And this was the eureka moment Paul was looking for; nothing is as adaptable and dynamic as water. This led to the creation of the Aquabag™ in 2010 followed by different sizes and shapes like the Aquaball™.

The durability due to the wild water rafting material and their light and compact size when empty makes them perfect to take on holidays, training camps or als sporting professionals on the go.

Chapter Three —

Awarded and recognised.


After the first adoption of the Ultimateinstability® product range with the Aquabag™ and Aquaball™ it was time to introduce the Hydrovest® to the world. And we are still honoured with how it well it was received, even winning the title of ‘National Sport Innovator Award’ awarded by Sportinnovator.

Our Hydrovest® enables the use of water and the Ultimateinstability training methodology to be implemented in even more applications within Sports, Therapy and Vitality. For instance ruby players wishing to improve their balance, elderly fall prevention or revalidation training and the list goes on.

Chapter Four —

Ultimateinstability continues.


Currently Ultimateinstability® – training methodologies and products – are an integrated part of top-class sports and its athletes. On professional and olympic levels our products are used ranging from soccer, rugby, baseball, tennis, athletics, hockey, swimming and more.

With the adoption of profound athletes and the top-class of sports our vision has spread further then we would have imagined at first.

  • Extended schooling within the pillars of Sports, Therapy and Vitality.
  • Our trainings application with 300+ unique animations of Ultimateinstability products and exercises. Added bonus is 10K+ exercises with well known products.
  • Challenging group courses for exclusive gyms.
  • Effective and approved fall prevention program for elderly people.
  • Unique and effective vitality program for companies called UI@Work to enable the Ultimateinstability methodology within the company.

Sustainability —

A journey with no end.


“We can’t be healthy without a healthy planet.”

David Suzuki