Differentiate yourself from the other trainers through the innovative and functional training method of Ultimateinstability. Improve dynamic stability, prevent injuries and prepare your clients for the unexpected.

Advance your vitality skills.

During the Vitality stream you will learn everything about vitality and how Ultimateinstability can contribute to it. These modules address specific applications, ranging from personal and small group training to our group fitness concept or our healthy ageing module. Designed for personal trainers, movement therapists, vitality and lifestyle coaches.

Level 1Foundation

Level 2Group Fit, Smart Fit and Active Aging

Level 3Advanced


Scientific research.

The research areas involving dynamic stability are not standing still. There is a lot of movement in these fields and these developments are addressed within the concept of Ultimateinstability. We draw from many different fields of science, from ecology to biomechanics and from neuroscience to robotics. However central to our approach is the Dynamical Systems Theory, an area of mathematics used to describe the behaviour of complex dynamical systems. This theory is more specifically addressed within human movement science as Coordination Dynamics.

Not only have we built our conceptual framework on solid scientific theory, we also have put a lot of effort in enabling scientific studies specifically with the application of our training equipment. Throughout this process we have always been supportive in providing equipment and consultation on its proper use. However these studies are executed by independent scientists without any other conflicts of interest.

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Level 1 – Foundation.

The L1 introduction module consists of a balanced mix of theory and practice. During this module you will be introduced to several scientific areas, theories and training concepts behind the use of UI's training materials focused on personal and group training. This allows you to understand the relevance so you can easily transfer it to the sessions with your clients. In practice you will become acquainted with a few fundamentals and "simple rules" that make your training applications with UI's materials simpler and more effective. You also learn the constraint-led approach coaching method. A more "hands off" method that offers you the tools to apply purposeful variability within your personal and group training sessions.

Match your needs.

Level 2 – Modules.

During the second level of this stream you can choose a module that matches you specific needs.

  • Group Fit.

    In this module we explore the various ways in which our products and methods can be applied in a group setting and for a wide range of participation levels. We will go through different training set-ups and different training goals. You will learn how to apply our principles for a wide audience and how to navigate through exercise progressions and regressions.

  • Smart Fit.

    During this module we look into the applications of our methods and materials in Personal Training. During this module you will learn how to apply our principles to your audience. Here you learn how to increase intrinsic motivation of your clients, find the optimal challenge point and how to adapt exercises to fit the needs of your client. You will learn how to apply our tools for movement screening and how to find and navigate through the right exercise progressions and regressions in order to build lasting results for your clients.

  • Active Aging.

    Within the Active Aging module we explore the anatomy, biomechanics and neurophysiology of an aging person. Here you will learn about the differences between the aging body and a youthful body and how this affects the training needs. We will look at the latest science on effective training strategies and practical guidelines to build the most effective training interventions that help to prevent the most occurring injuries and improve the overall quality of life. During the practical you will work on case studies and we will move through specific exercise progressions and regressions for this specific audience.

Level 3 – Advanced.

Become a certified UI Master Trainer and learn how to apply the methodologies in your own context and in case studies with elite athletes in all kind of sports. Go beyond the basics of vitality during this advanced course day that will extend on the theory and practice of the previous levels. During the course we will work on relevant cases of the participants themselves. A framework is also discussed, which enables you to apply the method to different customers.



Your teacher.

Paul Venner is a specialist in human movement and athletic performance and holds a Master of Science in Strength & Conditioning. He worked as Strength & Conditioning coach for the Olympic Institute of the Netherlands and is currently active as Head of Athletic Performance for the Netherlands Baseball & Softball Federation and Consultant for Elite Clubs.