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E-learning Level 2 Agility

E-learning Level 2 Agility

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This module explores the relevant functional anatomy, biomechanics and neurophysiology of agility. Specifically we look deeper at the patterns of decelleration and change of directionYou will learn what patterns and mechanisms are important to optimize the dynamic stability of agility to improve performance and prevent injury. We will explore the role of motor control and variability in agility and suggest training applications using UI's products and methods to improve technique and coordination. The course has a practical set-up in which you will analyse the various agility patterns and learn specific exercises to treat some of the most often occurring issues in agility with step-wise progressions and regressions.

This course will teach you

  • How to optimize dynamic stability (increasing robustness and resiliency) of themost important patterns in agilityby implementing UI's training methods and materials. 
  • Theoretical and scientific background in relevant aspects of anatomy, biomechanics and motor control foragility.
  • Deeper understanding of variable loading and its’ influences on movement patterns ofagility.
  • Most common injuries anddisfunctionalpatterns and how these can be addressed. 
  • How to purposefully and methodical apply perturbations and instability into your practice for running
  • Case studies to work out what you have learned andhowto apply it in practice 

The E-learning Module ‘Agility’ will cover the following points:  

  • How to optimise dynamic stability (increasing robustness and resiliency) by implementing our training tools and methods.  
  • Deepening in theoretical and scientific background in relevant aspects of functional anatomy, biomechanics, motor learning and motor control, specifically in relation to agility. 
  • A deeper understanding of dynamic responsive loads and how it influences movement patterns in agility. 
  • Commonalities and differences in training dynamic stability for decellerattion, change of direction (stop and go, lateral movement, stepping patterns, curved running, etc). 
  • Concrete exercise examples and progressions around specific themes and critical elements of stability within agility. 

The E-learning Module 'Agility’ includes the following content:  

  • A total of more than 100min unique video lecture content in short bit-sized pieces by founder Paul Venner. 
  • 60min of general deeping in dynamic stability and 45min specific deepening within the theme ‘agility’. 
  • Practical assignments and self-check questions 
  • Additional study resources, podcasts and articles 
  • A total of 5 hours of study time combining theory, practice and self-study 
  • Additional training programs, exercises and support through the Ultimateinstability App 
  • A year-long access to the online community where you can exchange with like-minded coaches, receive on-going updates, book tips, science reviews, Q&A and much more. 

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