Ultimateinstability is a philosophy of movement optimisation. It is a concept on dynamic stability and it teaches us how we can improve our quality of life by increasing our adaptability, robustness and resiliency. It teaches us how to deal with the uncertain and how to handle perturbations that otherwise would have shaken us up.

Why UI courses?

Our courses are set up in a way to support both the aspiring and the experienced movement professional, to utilise the principles and philosophy of Ultimateinstability throughout their whole practice. Knowledge of our principles and philosophy will give you a greater insight on how to apply them in different ways and situations.

Targeted approach.

To learn how to apply our principles specifically within your area of expertise we offer three different streams; Sports, Therapy and Vitality. Every stream comes with its own L1 foundational workshop. Followed by a few L2 modules that can be picked and chosen depending on the specific needs. And every stream is finished with a L3 advanced course day.

Theory & practice.

Every module consists of a well-balanced mix of theory and practice and is built-up in a way that best fits the learning process of the participants. The theory has a strong fundament in peer-reviewed science regarding dynamic stability and motor learning. Furthermore, practical relevance and translation of these insights will be emphasized. Which leads to a better understanding and a more effective implementation.


Within this module we address how Ultimateinstability and the usage of sudden instability can be used to improve and perfect movements within high level sports performance. This stream is perfectly suited for the striving and enthusiastic sports coach, athletic development or strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer or sports physiotherapist.


Within this module we will specifically focus on the applications of Ultimateinstability tools and principles in rehabilitation. This stream is specifically designed for Physiotherapists regardless of the target group. The various modules address specific areas and related injuries.


During this stream you will learn everything about vitality and how Ultimateinstability can contribute to it. These modules address specific applications, ranging from personal and small group training to our group fitness concept or our healthy ageing module. Designed for personal trainers, movement therapists, vitality and lifestyle coaches.

Level 1


Level 2



Group Fit


Upper Extremities

Smart Fit


Lower Extremities

Active Aging

Level 3


Spread the philosophy.

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Want to teach others the philosophy of Ultimateinstability; how to deal with the uncertain and how to handle perturbations that otherwise would have shaken us up? Become a UI Master Trainer and learn how to apply the methodologies in your own context and in case studies with elite athletes in all kind of sports.

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