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E-learning - Level 1 Foundation

E-learning - Level 1 Foundation

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Why do we train so predicatable: with fixed exercises, repetitions and weights striving for the perfect movement, while our daily lives are filled with the unexpected and unpredictable?

Ultimateinstability is a philosophy of movement optimisation. It is a concept on dynamic stability and it teaches us how we can improve our quality of life by increasing our adaptability, robustness and resiliency. It teaches us how to deal with the uncertain and how to handle perturbations that otherwise would have shaken us up.

Our courses are set up in a way to support both the aspiring and the experienced movement professional, to utilise the principles and philosophy of Ultimateinstability throughout their whole practice. Knowledge of our principles and philosophy will give you a greater insight on how to apply them in different ways and situations.

The theory has a strong fundament in peer-reviewed science regarding dynamic stability and motor learning. Furthermore, practical relevance and translation of these insights will be emphasized. Which leads to a better understanding and a more effective implementation. 

The E-learning Module 1 we will cover the following points:

  • What is dynamic stability and what are the underlying principles from an ecological perspective
  • How can we increase resiliency and robustness by implementing our training methods and materials
  • Fundamentals in theoretical and scientific background in relevant aspects of anatomy, biomechanics, motor learning and motor control.
  • A deeper understanding of dynamic responsive loads and how it influences movement patterns.

The E-learning Module 1 includes the following content:

  • Total of an hour unique video lecture content in short bit-sized pieces by founder Paul Venner
  • Practical assignments and self-check questions
  • Additional study resources, podcasts and articles
  • A total of 3 hours of study time combining theory, practice and self-study
  • Additional support and Q&A if needed through the Ultimateinstability App