We have an innate need to play, it defines us and how we learn to adapt. We need variability in our system to compensate for errors and increase our adaptability to thrive. The solution is water; nothing is as dynamic and adaptable.

Learn from nature, find your edge.

Incorporate instability into your everyday training and challenge core, agility and coordination with this simple to use clip-and-go vest. The unpredictable forces of the water create a lot of instability during the training. Because of this instability you need to stay focused at all times and your coordination and control improves accordingly. Your body needs to continuously discover its boundaries of movement. In this way you learn to adapt better to ever-changing environments and become ready for any challenge.

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Bruce Lee

Beyond sport, therapy and vitality

Many illnesses and disfunction’s, are a result of degradation of our biodiversity; monotony is taking over in the concrete jungles we call home. It starts with realising our external environment (where and how we live) shapes our internal environment (our body). Our products and Ultimateinstability vision help you to move forward whether you are looking to gain the edge in the professional sports scene, trying to recover from an injury or simply want to get back in shape. Challenge yourself and inspire others, it is not easy but most rewarding for sure.

Durable just like our mission.

Our products made out of highly durable wild water rafting materials, can withstand anything you throw at it during your workout. So take your training outside and just have fun. Their light and compact size when empty also makes them perfect to take on travels. Our goal is not to just send plastics around the world; we do this in a responsible manner going to great lengths to minimalise and where needed compensate our impact.

Explore your edge.

High quality training, for everyone.

We want to create a world where people adapt and move freely as water, because in the end this ripples down. Our answer is the home edition of our popular Aquabag. Now everybody can move better, feel better and do more good.

Stay on top on movement education.

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